🎻Money For Nothing

One of my all time favorites by Dire Straits Click here to have a listen ----->>>>>     Money For Nothing Money For Nothing Now look at them yo-yo's, that's the way you do itYou play the guitar on the MTVThat ain't workin' that's the way you do itMoney for nothin' and your chicks for freeNow … Continue reading 🎻Money For Nothing

💛 To Nico – Beautiful Child

To Nico - Beautiful Child 💛💛💛💛💛💛 Beautiful child, Time flies! A moment ago, You were brand new! Beautiful child, Sing! Dance! Splash through those puddles! Love! Laugh! Learn! Beautiful child, Skip! Jump! Scamper up those mountains, Savor the views! Beautiful child, From giggle to pout, You're a gift to all who love you! You beautiful, beautiful … Continue reading 💛 To Nico – Beautiful Child

🎻 Love Ain’t – Eli Young Band

Love this tune by the Eli Young Band! And so absolutely true! Click here to have listen >>> "Love Ain't" <<< 🎻 Love Ain't Hotels are made for two night staysChecking in and outMeeting strangers in the lobbyWaking up and leaving townThe next dayBut love ain'tAnd whiskey's poured for when you're boredAnd alone on Friday … Continue reading 🎻 Love Ain’t – Eli Young Band

effgee’s World Has a New Home!

HEAR YEA!  HEAR YEA!  effgee's World Has a New Home!! Yes, effgee’s World is now located here, at “https://fernglazier.wordpress.com" … fewer features but that’s ok because the price is right … FREE!!! I thoroughly enjoyed "learning how" and then using my website "effgees-world.com" which was ably hosted by "HostPapa" but when it came time to … Continue reading effgee’s World Has a New Home!

🎸 Burning Man …

🎸 My new favorite ... I just luv this song by Dierks Bentley and the Osborne Brothers! Click here to have a listen --> BURNING MAN <-- Dierks Bentley Osborne Brothers BURNING MAN Half your life you struggleHalf your life you flyHalf your life makin' troubleHalf your life makin' it rightOne day I'm the exceptionMost … Continue reading 🎸 Burning Man …

👢 Simple – Florida Georgia Line

👢  Luv this tune ... click here --> for Simple by Florida Georgia Line ... 👩‍🌾 ... these guys are so good! SIMPLE The way your fingers fit in mine It's five plus five, not rocket science This day in time, that's hard to find It's true The road we're on ain't a traffic jam It's a Sunday drive on … Continue reading 👢 Simple – Florida Georgia Line

What’s with Donald Trump Anyway?

Written on July 2, 2018 THE BLOCKHEAD SOUTH OF THE 49TH PARALLEL So what’s up with Donald Trump and the way he’s treating the rest of the world anyway?  Ok ... I'm gonna get right to it ... in my view, he’s nothing more than a loud-mouth bully (and that’s putting it kindly) who doesn’t … Continue reading What’s with Donald Trump Anyway?

Dementia Is Cruel (a poem for my mother)

DEMENTIA IS CRUEL She's alive, Here but not here. Somewhere – just not here. I miss my mother. Such joy, When she recognizes me. Her eyes light up again, But for a moment. Her essence remains though. Timid, gentle, quiet. The core of her – That has not changed. In her world, wherever that is, … Continue reading Dementia Is Cruel (a poem for my mother)

🎸 Kira Isabella – Little Girl

🎸 Click here to have a listen ... Kira Isabella performing "Little Girl"  ... "Little Girl" Hey little girl, braids in your hair Big bad world but you ain't scared, no 'Cause nobody's gone and told ya To shut up, play nice, do what you're told Marry into money and don't ever let him go Is what … Continue reading 🎸 Kira Isabella – Little Girl